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Akeem Bixenspan was a former Superuniverse Top 10 character based off of a humorous exchange during the story of TGBL's Bar Mitzvah , with Bix mentioning that he had a distant cousin named Akeem attend his own Bar Mitzvah, leading to the character's evolution as a Jewish personae of the wrestler of the same name.


The creation of Akeem Bixenspan was referenced from a joke between TGBL and Bix during Episode 3 regarding the story about the infamous appearance of Vicious Vincent at TGBL's Bar Mitzvah. During the beginning of the story, Bix asked TGBL if he had any distant relatives come to his Bar Mitzvah that he'd never heard of before, and referenced his cousin Akeem coming to his. TGBL - shocked and surprised by this revalation - asked Bix if he, indeed, had a cousin named Akeem, being so surprised that in getting his question out, he slipped his words and accidentally called Bix "bitch" before correcting himself, and opining that the cousin was named Akeem Bixenspan. Eventually, Akeem would be included in the inaugural Superuniverse Top 10 rankings, with the show listeners chiming in and making references to the character portrayed by the former One Man Gang in the WWF, alluding to the fact that Akeem Bixenspan was more of a Jewish personae based on the similar physical build of OMG. 

The signature of the character's references is Bix's constant reluctance to acknowledge it, and tries to kayfabe and re-direct the topic by stating that Akeem "isn't actually his name," but is prodded back to a discussion of potential hillarious scenarios by TGBL.


First appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 19 (first ever Top 10 rankings; #2)

Last appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 37 (#9)

Total appearances: 6 (Episodes 19-20, 24, 32-33, 37)