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Art by Travis Heckel

Antichristo is a current Superuniverse Top 10 character originally based off of a hilariously bad promo by the Luchador "Antichristo" from a Tijuana Lucha show in the late 90's, which showcases the "blasé" promo skills of a wrestler proclaiming himself to be the anti-christ; the antithesis of all that is sacred and good in the world.

"OK...the thing is, that, I'm the Anti Christ."[]

In-between a discussion during Episode 45 on frequent show topic Titanes en el Ring, TGBL mentions to co-host Kurt Brown that he was sent a promo by the listeners to check out on the show for a blind run, and asks Kurt - along with the listeners - to think of this: What would the Anti-Christ sound like if you heard him for the first time?

The result: something to be left much more to be desired from the imagination. A reporter - speaking in Spanish to the audience - then "welcomes" Antichristo to the "States" - although it takes place in Tijuana - to which Antichristo lethargically attempts to cut a promo about how he's "the best" and "Antichrist is-a number one," before realizing that he didn't get a good enough job of getting himself over, wrapping up the interview declaring that in this world, the number one isn't god, but declares loudly and proudly that "It's MEEEEE!!!!!," before thanking the interviewer and trotting out of frame. The video adds that extra "oomph" when you notice that an arena attendant in the background ends up walking into the frame and sitting on the stairs in the background, waiting for this train wreck of a promo to turn its sputtering wheels for the last time.

Antichristo would be referred to as the "Blasé Antichrist" moving forward - coined by Scott Cornish - during the series of his appearances in the Top 10, and his audio drop of his proclaiming cry would become ingrained in the listener's psyche for being a staple of TGBL's show introductions at the beginning of every episode.

During Antichristo's Top 10 discussions, the topic between TGBL and the co-host would eventually spin-off into the co-host's stories of the worst gimmick they'd ever seen in professional wrestling. Some humorous examples stem from Bobby Blaze spinning off into the bloated uses of "Doink the Clown" on the independents and how there should be a Wrestling Mime; Travis Heckel talking about his hatred of Ta-Gar, Lord of the Volcano, and The Spirit of America in Memphis; and perhaps the most famous one - Jim Cornette's mention of Wayne Ferris' brief run as The Kisser in Memphis.

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

First appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 47 (#1)

Last appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 67 (#7)

Total appearances: 10 (Episodes 47, 49-50, 52 55-56, 60, 65-67)

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Antichristo is #1!