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Black Scorpion (Copyright of Travis Heckel - Oct 22 2016)


The Black Scorpion is a current Superuniverse Top 10 character based off of the mystifying promos and "black magic" of the wrestler of the same name during a critically panned 1990 WCW angle.


Black Scorpion cleared his throat and uttered the immortal words - "BIX...." at the very beginning of Episode 2 of the Superpodcast, floating his fingers along his mini moog and performing his "black magic" through a series of warping transport noises. He would often ask the co-host - Bix or otherwise - if they "remember" a seminal incident in their past and remarking that he was lurking in the shadows, before letting out a staccatoed laugh and a briskly paced closing sonata on his mini moog, signaling the eventual babyface turn of the Scorpion with every brush of the high octave notes.

A major staple of the bit was Bix's reluctance to acknowledge the Black Scorpion's act in any way, lethargically no-selling his line of questioning and briskly - and begrudgingly - answering the questions in order to speed up the bit and move the show forward. Black Scorpion would always come back to "haunt" Bix every single episode with humorous detail.

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First appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 19 (#8)

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