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Dark Journey's Dog (with pills on head)

Dark Journey's Dog was a former Superuniverse Top 10 character based off of the ridiculous and absurd realization of former Mid South/UWF valet Dark Journey's colonic business, and subsequent riffing about how her dog could have been a potential experimental participant for a colonic.


In Episode 6, Bix brought up as a conversation topic that he found out via the Wrestling Classics message board that former wrestling valet Dark Journey (Lynda Newton) was a certified colon therapist practicing out of South California. TGBL and Bix start riffing about how she potentially got her name Dark Journey due to the foresight of her future career of dealing with the rectums of the public. There were also some hilarious quips about her grandmother's influence on her for "dispensing enemas to all the grandchildren for nothing than health, maintenance, and love."

Afterwards, Bix decides to visit the corresponding Facebook page, and they notice some pictures of Dark Journey with some friends. At this point, TGBL bursts out into hysterics over a picture of a dog (possibly Dark Journey's) with a bottle of herbal medicine balancing between the grooves on the top of its head, with the dog giving a wild-eyed bewildered "insane" look during the whole situation. TGBL opines that "that is the look of a dog being anally violated there" and that the picture needs to be the picture of the week for the show header, leading to the notion that the dog was having a potential colonic done by Dark Journey herself.

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Total appearances in the Superuniverse Top 10: 0

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Dark Journey's International Health Profile

Dark Journey's Dog (artwork by Travis Heckel)

Dark Journey getting ready to perform a colonic (artwork by Travis Heckel.)