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David Bixenspan - affectionately known as Bix - was the former main co-host of the 6:05 Superpodcast and co-creator of the show. Bix has since made numerous appearances on the multiple Star Wars shows, as well as the recurring What If...? segments in later episodes. Bix is also known for his deadpan demeanor with such luminaries as Black Scorpion , Sue the Shooter , and the frequent rebuffing advancements of his "biological father" Denim Fritz.

Bix was the original co-creator of the Superpodcast, and served as joint host with TGBL from Episode 1 until Episode 36, to which Bix announced that he'd be stepping away due to the pressures of editing weekly, alongside his budding freelance writing career for a multitude of websites. Most of his main contributions going solely to Deadspin, where he has written about some of the more quirky and interesting topics regarding classic and modern wrestling, with such articles ranging from receiving FBI reports of Vince McMahon Sr.'s attempts to threaten Dr. Jerry Graham, to a discussion about the case of Jerry Lawler's misdemeanor in the early 1990's when he was accused of having underage relations with a teenage fan.

Bix is also a co-creator and co-host on other wrestling / nostalgia podcasts aside from the 6:05, which include Between the Sheets, and Two Scoops.

Make sure to follow Bix on Twitter @davidbix for all updates to quirky and insightful wrestling knowledge, alongside @BTSheetsPod and @TwoScoopsPod !


Bix has been affectionately known by many different names throughout the course of the show, involving such examples as:

  • Bixie (or Bixy)
  • "Denim" David Bixenspan (nee. Von Erich)
  • Bixen Gracie
  • David Kaleidoscope


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