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Demolition Blast (Azzato)

Bill Eadie and "Blast" Carmine Azzato

Demolition Hux & Blast were former 6:05 Superuniverse candidates based partly off of the strange names taken to fit the "Demolition" theme, alongside a critique of the physical appearance of the "bootleg" characters on the independent scene that wrestled alongside Bill Eadie AKA Ax.


Demolition Hux and Blast was first mentioned in a spin-off conversation between TGBL and Bix regarding a nonsensical Nikita Koloff promo of him speaking unintelligibly, and how Bix made the remark that he was the equivalent of the Muppets' Swedish Chef. TGBL then proceeds to ask a question to Bix about which was the bigger "bullshit bootleg" wrestler on the independents - Vladimir Koloff, or Demolition Blast, to which Bix laughs and remarks that Bill Eadie should have had more time to get someone into shape.

In this instance, Demolition Blast - known as Carmine Azzato - was portrayed as being overweight and wearing knock-off Road Warriors style spike attire. In Episode 19, the two were hipped to a web page, and laughed about the name of another faux-Demolition character known as Hux. TGBL and Bix also commented that Richard Charland - a Canadian wrestler who did jobs on WWF television for Maple Leaf Wrestling - was also portrayed as Blast, to which TGBL remarked that he was "a birthday party version of Demolition."

In Episode 20, the guys acknowledged that the version of Blast they first saw was Carmine Azzato, and that he had wrestled for Eddy Mansfield's IWF promotion, to which the two humorously remarked about how Blast and Ax would go around Universal Studios cutting promos in the daytime in front of all the rides. Through this conversation, a story introducing Robby V was intertwined as well (due to Rob Van Dam wrestling for the IWF as well.)

Demolition Hux was eventually found out to be Canadian Giant - Garry Robbins, a large Canadian wrestler - who had only portrayed "Demolition Hux" informally on a few tours of NJPW in the summer of 1991 (where he was introduced only as Canadian Giant.)


Total appearances in the Superuniverse Top 10: 0

  • RETIRED: Demolition Hux & Blast were voted out of the 6:05 Superuniverse Top 10 following a Loser Leaves Town Battle Royale following the culmination of Episode 44.

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Demolition Blast (Richard Charland)

Richard Charland (right) as Blast


Demolition Hux (Garry Robbins; Canadian Giant)


Hux unmasked.