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El Pibe 10 ‘83 (aka Hugo Quiril, Kato, El Gran Ninja Blanco) is a current Superuniverse Top 10 character based off of one of the many incarnations from Titanes en el Ring, and rose to fame on the Superpodcast for a video involving him doing a Tope Suicida onto his head, and being carried out of the arena by throngs of fans and children to seek medical help, with the viewers unaware if he was still alive from the fall.


El Pibe 10 '83 was considered to be one of the first major topics in the history of the Superpodcast, and boy, did it ever jump ahead of the pack.

TGBL and Bix live-watched a video on the air - during Episode 2 - from a television taping from Titanes en el Ring - an Argentinian wrestling program - in which a slender man known as El Pibe 10 - a different one than the one previously discussed on the show - proceeds to bear witness to the cringiest botches in wrestling history, when he goes for an over-the-top dive out of the ring onto his opponent - or lack-there-of - and headplants onto the concrete below. The video's apex of unwatchability stems from the opponent's lack of care for him, attempting to pull Pibe up to continue, while he's writhing in pain. Following this, the flock of children who came with Pibe to the ring - and the opponent - proceed to carry El Pibe 10 '83 atop their heads and whisk him out of the arena, leaving the viewer wondering if the man doing splits and kicks effortlessly moments ago would ever return.

During the follow-ups on Episode 3, it was revealed that this incarnation of El Pibe 10 did in fact survive the fall, wrestled the next week, and went on to a career in films as a stuntman. He was then acknowledged as being Hugo Quiril - AKA Kato and El Gran Ninja Blanco.

During this time-period, this version of El Pibe 10 was known by TGBL and Bix as "El Pibe 10 Dos" in reference to a different one than his pink-overall'ed-coked-up-dancer counterpart. During Episode 15, TGBL stated that after doing some research about Titanes, the two characters are referenced officially in the show history as being El Pibe 10 '82 and this version, known henceforth, as El Pibe 10 '83.

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

First appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 19 (First Top 10 - #3)

Last appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 25 (#6)

Total appearances: 7 (Episodes 19-25)

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Jim Cornette shoots on Pibe Diez botching a dive (Synced)