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0:04:41 - Follow-ups / Funny Fan Moments

TGBL: ...The big memory I have of the first one (Monday Night Raw) – I’ve never heard this brought up anywhere and if you go back and watch it, it’s on the network, probably, and I know it’s on DVD because I actually bought the DVD years ago for this. Max Moon wrestles Shawn Michaels and Max Moon comes out, and remember he used to have these things on his arm where he could shoot rockets into the air?

Bix: Yes.

TGBL: He shoots the rocket right into one of the production guy’s face. If you watch the video – it’s not a close-up or anything – but you see him come out of the entrance way and he shoots his rocket, and it almost seemed like a work except it wasn’t pointed out on TV, it wasn’t anything! It was just he shot this guy in the face and the guy went down and they had to take him away!

Max Moon shooting a Camera Man


TGBL: Well, when I was there live, the thing I remember because it cracked up a whole bunch of people, was he goes, he tells the story and he says “and my mother died,” and this one guy just really loud yells “GOOD!”

Bix: I think you can hear that on the show!

TGBL: and then he goes “And then my father died,” and the man yells “GOOD!” and he goes “and then my wife took everything and she left me” and the guy yells “LET’S GO SAILING!” (laughing) which to this day is just one of those funny fan moments. Every now and then, there are just these funny fan moments you always remember when someone was louder than everyone else and had funny witty things to say.

- on being at one of the first Monday Night Raw tapings and hearing a funny interaction during the awkward Brutus Beefcake return promo.


TGBL: I think I told you -  the one I remembered recently was Chuck Webber, who was a guy who was friends with my friend Scott Cornish and my friend Greg Greenland back in the day. He was the biggest and the loudest fan and he was hysterical. He was like, I don’t know, 6’6 and maybe 350 pounds; he was huge and he was loud. He was famous – the story I had heard before I met him was at an ECW arena show in 1993 –the summer of 93 when it was still dead and they were still using Snuka and Muraco and all those guys – when Muraco was in the ring, he yelled; it wasn’t like he yelled, he would talk loud and everyone would hear it. He yelled “HAYSTACKS MURACO!” and Muraco didn’t really like that (laughing)

TGBL:...I hear this voice “HEY LEVESQUE!” and I turn around and all of a sudden there’s Chuck Webber behind me, like, in the 10th row or something, but he’s so loud and the crowd is so dead for Triple H that everyone hears him and turns around, and Hunter does! Hunter walks over to the side where he’s on and he’s doing the thing where he points and he’s yelling something – you can’t hear him – you can’t hear the wrestler! You hear Chuck Webber. He yells “HEY LEVESQUE!” and Paul Levesque starts giving him attention – Hunter – and he goes “ARE YOU STILL BLOWING KOWALSKI?!” (laughing) It popped everyone! Then security made him move. (laughing)

- on being at Madison Square Garden when Chuck Webber heckles during a match between Freddie Joe Floyd (Tracy Smothers) and Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

0:27:48 - A remembrance of the career of Kerry von Erich on the anniversary of his passing

TGBL: I think part of the sad thing is that Kerry established his reputation – and the newsletters went along with it – the whole “Kerry von Airhead” thing-

Bix: You know, I just wanted to bring this up too. Bret Hart in his book is very passionate about this: Kerry was not an idiot; that Kerry was just a guy who had problems and because he was loaded a lot, people mistook him for an idiot.

TGBL: Yeah, I mean, was Kerry loaded when he did his famous interview about “the leaning tower of Pizza”? Probably. You know, you and I were both looking at this John Clark interview he did in July of ‘92, and you read this and it doesn’t sound like an idiot at all – it sounds like someone who’s incredibly self aware and understanding of what’s going on around him.

0:49:16 - Matches from Kick Ass Wrestling's 1999 TV Taping at a women's prison finally hitting YouTube

Kickass Wrestling at the Women's Prison

Artwork by Travis Heckel

TGBL: I’d never heard of it – after I watched the match you sent me which was Bull Pain vs. The Soultaker-

Bix: Not new WWE hall of famer Charles Wright.

TGBL: No, this looked like an out of shape Pentagon Jr., and after this match, all I kept thinking was “Why isn’t there more wrestling at female prisons?” because this was the hottest female crowd I’ve seen since the Von Erichs in Texas.

Bix: That should have been the segue!

TGBL: Yeah, really! They were (laughing) going nuts the entire match, and at one point – I couldn’t figure out at first – I thought the Soultaker was the heel but then Bull Payne went full heel and he started crotch-chopping the women, and the women are jumping up and crotch-chopping him back ferociously! I didn’t know who the announcer was until you just said his name but I wrote down the quote he had because it cracked me up: he (said) “Them sisters are getting down over there!,” which may be the only time that’s ever said on wrestling, and the other quote was when Bull Payne jumped into the lap of a woman sitting down and she went crazy – and there’s no security guards anywhere by the way: no security guards, no barriers – and the announcer goes “Might have been the only contact she’s had with a man in a while, and it had to be Bull!” (laughing)

1:11:15 - A remembrance of Eddie Gilbert on the anniversary of his passing

1:35:37 - Audio from the 1996 Eddie Gilbert Memorial Banquet/Bruncheon


This was the first use of the phrase "The Mothership" in the shows introduction, still used currently on the show.