0:01:56 - Follow-Ups (on Mad Dog Boyd, Dave Prazak's DOTW, Upcoming Guests, and What If? Shawn Michaels)

0:20:14 - Buzz Sawyer's Wrestling School and a tease for an upcoming segment on Buzz Sawyer

TGBL: I’m trying to figure out time-wise – I recently heard an interview with Ole Anderson where he said after they got rid of Buzz in early 90, there was a point while Ole was booking that he was in communication with Buzz because he always liked him, and he was going to bring Buzz back because Buzz told him he was clean. Buzz got out of the cab at wherever the arena was and he was messed up right away and Ole refused to let him in the building and sent him home. So I mean, he died in ’91, so some point while Ole was booking in 90, there was a chance Buzz Sawyer would have come back. Yeah, you know – it’s a shame. It’s a real shame – he was just incredible in the ring and just as a persona…but he just completely burned out.

- on Buzz's brilliance - and downfall - as a talent.

Australian TV show segment

Australian TV show segment

Buzz's training school (video by Jason Rudy of Desperate Visions Productions)

0:30:16 - Reflections on the recent passing of Lord James Blears

Lord James Blears letter to Brian

Check out an article about how LJB surived a WWII siege by a Japanese submarine here.

0:34:32 - Confessions of a Ring Rat

0:50:09 - Bix's previous life as an internet romantic posting fake ring rat stories online during high school

Bix: (using a text-to-speech program) “I met Giant Gonzalez in the bar at the Holiday Inn after a WWF show. We went up to his room, where he unveiled his huge waterslide-like penis, but he didn’t take his penis for granted, and was very loving in bed, showing off surprising oral skills.”

TGBL: I'm starting to get a little concerned about you, Bix.

Bix: “Then he said he wanted his belt, and I said I was kinda into S&M so I had him whip me with the belt. He even let me try on his airbrushed muscle suit, but it was too big for me, of course! :)"

1:01:05 - What If? - The Von Erichs feuded with the Russians who ended their Olympic hopes?

1:18:54 - Dennis Of The Week (with guest Donnie B - Part 1)