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0:00:00 - Preamble & Global Force Gold

TGBL: What exactly is Global Force Gold, though? Is it that he’s selling gold, or is it that there’s a specific type of gold – like Santo Gold had his Italian gold – that’s Global Force Gold? What, I guess that’s my confusion: what is it?

Bix: He’s an affiliate with KaratBars, which they sell, like, credit-card type things that have a gram of gold in the center?

TGBL: Holy shit, this really is right out of Santo Gold (laughing). Oh man! . . . "Just fill out the form and wait by the phone" – wait by the phone? For Team Jarrett?! That means it’s either going to be him or his wife! (laughing) “Hey, you know, you sound suspiciously like Jeff Jarrett!” “No, no, no – I’m his roommate! I’m not Jeff Jarrett. I’m his roommate!” So who should Jeff personalize the autograph to? Make it out to Santo Gold. Someone needs to do this and get them to call in and have them personalize an autograph from Jeff Jarrett to Santo Gold!

Jeff Jarrett Santo Gold

Artwork by Travis Heckel

- on Jeff Jarrett's pyramid scheme during his time with Global Force Wrestling, after listening to an infomercial expounding upon his friends, family, and "Team Jarrett" being ready to service the listeners with their offers for the opportunity to obtain some gold.

0:07:52 - A break in the case of The Slip House Boys

TGBL: Moving on, we have a big update this week – this is gonna be news to Bix too – about The Slip House Boys. You know, I feel like in one way, this may close the door on one part of their story, but in another way, open another. I talked to my father again this week and I explained to him “dad, I’m going this podcast and I know you don’t listen to it because you don’t care about wrestling, but I talked about this ridiculous story you told me about seeing this match,” and he was surprised that anyone cared. I said “We’re on the search of figuring out who these guys are – we have a wanted poster for Christ’s sake, made by Travis Heckel, friend of the show, of The Slip House Boys!”…So I said “Do you remember anything else about the match?” and then he hit me with “I remember that Putski won the tag titles.”

Bix: Oh!

TGBL: So – I went back and I watched some Global: it’s on Youtube from March of ’92. According to the records I saw, this is the only time he won the tag titles. It was supposed to be him and Gary Young and it wasn’t: Terry Garvin Simms took Gary Young’s place against the Godfather’s team of The California Connection – John Tatum and Rod Price.

0:16:56 - Superuniverse Top Ten

  • 10. Sex Appeal Ronnie Steal
  • 9. Wee Willie Wilson
  • 8. Fake Stan Lane
  • 7. Denim Fritz
  • 6. El Pibe 10 '83
  • 5. Black Scorpion
  • 4. Sue the Shooter
  • 3. Marc Gullen
  • 2. Santo Gold
  • 1. Yomamba the Jungle Savage
  • STILL Champion - The Slip House Boys (def. Orgasmic Larry Nelson)

0:25:57 - Dennis of the Week (w/ John McAdam)

Nate the Rat

Artwork by Travis Heckel

John: We went to the tapings at the WMC Channel 5 studio, which I’m glad I got to do once. Afterwards, we kinda got all split up. I actually wound up going to Po’Folks with J.D. Mckay, and the Philly guys got in a cab and they went someplace. These guys are talkin’ shop, and the cab driver goes “Hey, you guys wrestling fans, because I used to be in the business!” and these guys are like “yeah right. Who did you work as?” “Nate the Rat!” and these guys are like “Holy shit, it’s him! It’s Nate the Rat driving a cab!” So Dennis is, you know, goes ballistic – takes this guy under his wing, invites him over to the hotel after his shift is over, and we wind up hanging out, taking pictures, swapping stories. He was a good guy, and we wind up going out to dinner. Now, it’s me, Dennis, Jammie Ward, Randy Smith, Frank Chille, and Nate, and if I’m forgetting anyone, I apologize. You know, we’re young guys – I mean, we’re not quiet when we go out. I’m pretty sure the guys from Saturday Night Fever who went to White Castle complained that WE were too loud, but, you know, we were just being dudes. It’s a family restaurant, people are out with their kids – all of a sudden, Dennis stands up “Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” to the whole god damned restaurant. “I want everyone to raise their glass to one of the greatest pro-wrestling managers of all time – Nate the Rat. Come on everybody, let’s hear it for Nate!” and everyone’s clapping and (laughing) raising their glasses to Nate.

0:46:33 - Brian's stories of mischief around ECW (Crack Baby, Devon Storm's prank call gaffe, and "BUH BUH MUST DIE")

TGBL: Finally (laughing) she goes, and the rest of the room is holding it in, ‘cause I don’t even remember everything I was saying but everyone was laughing and she somehow didn’t hear it. She finally goes “Who are you dancin’ with?” and I said “I’m dancin’ with New Jack!” and then, like, everyone busted out laughing and no-one could contain it anymore, because the idea of RVD dancing with New Jack. I liked New Jack; he was always nice to me. If he had heard that, he probably would have stabbed me and thrown me out the fuckin’ window (laughing). She was like, “Oh, I don’t know, Rob, I’m waiting for Sabu to call,” or someone. I don’t know if it was Sabu but she was waiting on a wrestler, and I was trying to replace that wrestler with my phony Rob Van Dam, and finally I hung up and told her “Forget it, you’re just a dumb bitch Crack Baby – don’t ever talk to me again!” and I hung up. The next day at the arena, she wouldn’t even make eye contact with Rob Van Dam! (laughing)


TGBL: Another phone call – there was some fan, I forget what his name was – I wanna say his name was Steve. Someone said we should call "Steve", and Devon Storm decided to do it. Devon had a really bad stutter. Like, a really really really bad stutter . . .somehow, it didn’t come out when he did wrestling stuff, but he had a really really bad stutter, and it didn’t come out on this phony phone call, but he’s threatening this guy. Like, again, imagine you’re in a hotel room and you get a phone call out of nowhere, someone’s saying they’re gonna kick the shit out of you (laughing) and beat you up! Devon’s like “I’m gonna fuck you up, I’m gonna kick your ass – I’m gonna take you by the hair and wipe your ass with my face.” (laughing) When he said that, he was trying to say the opposite and he said it the wrong way and as soon as he said that, he just, like, looked at the phone  - he couldn’t believe he said that, and everyone’s dying. Blue Meanie’s like “Tell him…you’re gonna grab him and kick your ass.” And he goes “I’m gonna grab you and kick my ass!” and he started playing with it. That was the line I remember-  "I’m gonna take you by the hair and wipe your ass with my face." (laughing)


Brian's Sign in ECW - Buh Buh Must Die

TGBL: I went to the hotel, there actually was a little store in the Hotel, I bought the only markers they had which were these giant red markers, and I went upstairs, took the sheet off my bed, and I made the biggest sign possible that said “BUH BUH MUST DIE,” and Buh Buh was really big, and then MUST DIE underneath it. Devon Storm woke up and he saw me doing that and said “Don’t tell anyone I roomed with you, don’t tell anyone I was here. You’re gonna get a lot of heat,” and I said “That’s fine.” So I bring it to the ECW show, and again, they’re pushing Buh Buh down everyone’s throat as a Babyface, and when he comes out, I take out this giant sheet and me and several other people – I think Jess McGrath might have been one of them, a few other people – hold up this sign; it’s bigger than any sign in the history of ECW. It was huge! It was a bed sheet – it was a queen sized bed sheet; it was massive! The marker somehow looked awesome – it looked really good! Apparently Paul E. flipped out, and that is the tightest show you will ever see on ECW TV; you can’t even see the word "BUH BUH". All you see is, like, “UST DIE”; he cut it so tight so that sign wouldn’t be on TV. Shortly after that, he gave up on making Buh Buh a Babyface and turned him heel, I think I may have had a part to do with that. That’s when I ended up getting edited off ECW TV.

0:57:04 - Steroids in Wrestling

TGBL: One of our listeners – Warren Hullander, actually – sent me a quick little story I’ll read here, Bix, about Steroids in Wrestling. He was, I guess maybe he’s an indy worker – he was doing a security spot on Smackdown in Atlanta in 2004 or so. When – it was when Kurt Angle had Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan in his stable, which I don’t even remember. I guess I was tuned out at that time. He said “Those two were standing around when Arn Anderson walks in, and looks at both of them and says “There is enough Gas in this room to launch the fucking space shuttle!” That’s a pretty good line, right there (laughing).

0:57:58 - Wrestlers in Commercials (Part 2)

Greg Gagne War Dance - Ep 21

Artwork by Travis Heckel

TGBL: Well look, who’re you to disrespect the man who created the nWo and the UFC and had the AWA on CBS, almost. I like Greg Gagne! I’d like to talk to him.

Bix: and is one of many people to get WCW sued for racial discrimination.

TGBL: Wha- was Greg involved in that?

Bix: Charlie Norris, because he was named in Charlie Norris’ lawsuit, because he tried to explain to Charlie Norris how to properly do a Rain Dance in a pro-wrestling context.

1:32:16 - Book of the Week

1:42:20 - John McAdam (Part 1)

John: Ok. I’ve been to Madison Square Garden, I’ve been to a bunch of different arenas – there’s something, and Bill Apter actually backed this up because he’d been to the Boston Garden – there was something in the air in the Boston Garden that just made people violent and crazy. This was for Bruins games, too. But, if you went to wrestling at the Garden, you could count on seeing at least 10 fights in the stands per card. I remember a couple of times, like, the wrestlers would go into a rest hold and just sit there and watch the fights! Aw – the old, I mean – I have a lot of great memories from the old Boston Garden; make no mistake. I’m sorry that it’s gone, but at the same time, it was such a dirty crummy old arena with tiny seats. I remember the summer of ’82, we were in the middle of a heatwave, and we pull into Boston, and there’s – you know the bank signs have the time and the temperature? It said the temperature was 104 degrees, and the Boston Garden did not have air conditioning. We go in there, and you could tell this was gonna be a night to remember, because you got these drunk Boston idiots without their shirts on sweating, and you just knew it was going to be an ugly night, and it was, man. There must have been 25 fights that night.

2:53:53 - Brian's internet dust-up with Lance Storm


Jim Cornette talks to Brian Last about Lance Storm

TGBL: He called me a bunch of names, you know, for no good reason. I mean, he could have disagreed with me; he didn’t have to call me names. I didn’t respond, I didn’t say anything – actually, one of the coolest things that’s ever happened and I didn’t even know about it because I don’t follow Lance Storm on Twitter, because there’s nothing he has to say of any importance. I didn’t find out about it until I was tagged in the reply someone made to go out and defend me, and the person who defended me against Lance Storm? This is my favorite moment in the history of the show, was Yomamba The Jungle Savage (laughing) So all of a sudden, in the middle of whatever Lance storm- I see, like, “Yomamba don’t like Lance. Brian’s good. Yomamba eat Lance,” or whatever the thing said (laughing). So I wanna thank whoever it is out there that does the Yomamba Twitter page – thank you for coming to my defense. I appreciate it.