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0:01:57 - Superuniverse Top Ten

  • 10. The Hangman (Bruce Pobanz)
  • 9. Santo Gold
  • 8. Black Scorpion
  • 7. Sue the Shooter
  • 6. Judo Joe Black
  • 5. Disappointed Lance Russell
  • 4. Yomamba the Jungle Savage
  • 3. Rasslin' Glen Goza
  • 2. Denim Fritz
  • 1. Orgasmic Larry Nelson
  • STILL CHAMPION - Marc Gullen (def. Hot Bruno)

1:04:55 - Kurt Brown (on wrestler Jerry Brown of The Hollywood Blondes)

Kurt: I was – it was 1981 and it was the first time I actually started hanging out with some of the wrestlers in the LeBell territory, and, you know, would hit some of the towns with them. One of them was Tim Flowers, but there was one journeyman – not gonna mention his name, I don’t know if he’d appreciate that or not – but we were all drinking one night, and he had worked all the classic territories. When he was, you know, pleasantly just plastered – he started talking about Jerry Brown. It came up when they were talking about Kansas City and Mike George, and I think that’s where he worked with him, and he said “Jerry Brown – oh my god.” He says “The most wonderful human being you’ve ever met. He’s just the nicest guy,” and then he shook his head and says “God was so cruel to him, man. God made him so ugly and it’s so sad because he’s such a beautiful human being inside…” and, you know, we’re just going “Oh, that’s interesting.” He goes “You know what – I told him that. I told him “You are so beautiful – why did God do that to you?” (laughing) And he was being in no way sardonic – he was sincere. He was almost crying and saying it (laughing), which is why I was surprised when I heard about him shooting up Bill Watts’ house. The few people I know who knew him didn’t portray him (laughing) as this psycho with a gun.

- Kurt on the inherent "beautiful ugliness" of Hollywood Blonde Jerry Brown

1:22:47 - Homophobia of the Week

1:26:21 - Wild Bull Curry stories

1:36:34 - Book of the Week

1:44:23 - Dennis of the Week (w/ Brian Tramel)

Brian: I know I have a horrible memory, guys, so sometimes what I remember I remember really clear, but some of the other stuff’s like “What? What was his name?” I just recently, you know, remembered the guy that picked me up for the benefit they did there in Philly, but I don’t remember Kenny, which is surprising that I don’t remember him with the personality that he had. But, we all went to a restaurant in Memphis, and if I remember correctly, it was probably me, him, Kenny, the Piss Boys – Joe and Tom – and I think Jammie was with us, and we went in and the place was, like, packed; I mean just totally packed. So Dennis is like – and I don’t do voice like TR does, so no voices – and Dennis is like “Get us a table, get us a table!” He’s acting like that to the waitress, and he’s being kinda rude and I was like “Oh, man.” I live in this area. He’s like “I’ll tell you what,” he said. “I’ll give you a $30 tip if you will get us a table right now – right now as I’m standing right here.” So that lady, she busted her ass – went and cleaned the table, got the table ready for us and sat down, and then she came back to wait on us and he says “Alright - you earned the $30. If you can get our food within 20 minutes, you got a $50 tip.” I was like “Damn! Dennis is throwing the money around,” that’s what I’m thinking. So, we’re all eatin’ and all of us is getting ready to get done, and I pull my money out and said “How much do I owe you Dennis?” “You don’t owe me nothing! You don’t owe me shit, man! I’m getting this; I’m getting it for everyone!” I was like “Well, cool dude!” you know? I get up and he says “Ya’ll just meet me outside.” So, you know, apparently Dennis didn’t pay it and eventually (laughing) I found out he didn’t pay that tip to that lady neither, but we ate – everyone ate – for free, and that $50 tip, that lady didn’t get, so. So, apparently I was part of the diner dash and didn’t even know it.

- Brian on his memories of being an accomplish to yet another of Dennis' dine-and-dash adventures in Memphis, TN

2:00:15 - Kurt Brown

Kurt: Oh, lord…uh (laughing) god! I talk to him but I kinda kept my distance a bit, but (laughing) I heard so many Mike Lano stories. I like the pronunciation “lay-no” – it sounds more comical (laughing). The wildest one I heard was…oh god, who did I hear this from? Well, he was on a tour that a friend of mine – the late Steve Gerber – organized for Japan, and there were 2 stories I heard: one was that somebody – I don’t know who was supposed to give Debbie Malenko a book on Japanese/English language but it was a Japanese/English dictionary that had a lot of, you know, good information on learning the language – so the person was holding the book for Debbie Malenko, I don’t know if it was in their book bag or whatever, but Lano snatches the book and apparently was writing love letters in the margins to Debbie Malenko.

(What?!) (laughing)

Kurt: and they put it back in the sack and when the fan – I guess this guy knew something was up and he, before he gives it to Malenko, he opens it and he sees those and he rips ALL of them out and just was in a rage. That was the tour you guys recently referred to, where I guess he just pushed his way up to the ring to take photos and security comes and says “You don’t have license to,” and he starts putting up a fuss, and then he went up to Mrs. Baba, who interfered, and I’ve heard stories: you do not want to run interference with Mrs. Baba…

Yeah, we’ve heard the same – yes! (laughing)

Kurt: And he and my friend Steve said he went off on Mrs. Baba saying, like “I’m a very important person – you MUST let me at ringside!” Then, he throws Dave Meltzer’s name in as a reference and Mrs. Baba and Dave knew each other and were friends, and, um – I remember when I was with Dave at one of the shows at the Misawa/Tsuruta show, she was all excited to see Dave and I think she gave us some free AJPW towels or something like that. But, apparently Mike Lano – that was the end of the friendship; Dave I think wasn’t even able to explain his way out of it. I think somebody from the promotion called Dave and Dave said “I didn’t tell him he could take photos!” (laughing)

- Kurt on his memories of the infamous Dr. Mike Lano and Lano's false credentials for getting ringside at an All Japan Wrestling card in the '90s

2:45:40 - What If? - Hulk Hogan Hadn't Left the AWA?

3:06:17 - Polish Joe Ciupik (Part 2)

Polish Joe: Unfortunately, Verne’s…Verne’s unwillingness to change the way that the AWA did business was his ultimate – or was the ultimate – demise of the AWA. Working for Verne, and I’ve told everybody that I worked with: Verne was hard-nosed. He could be a real prick to work for, but I think that was a part of his success of being demanding and having – being that prick when he needed to be. On a professional level, Verne could be very tough to work with. On a personal level, I can proudly say that I was very close with Verne. I’d mentioned earlier that Nick – became friends with Nick and he – was at my wedding; so was Verne. In fact, I’ve got a picture of the two of them: I’ve got ‘em both in a headlock – and I got my tux on - and this was at the reception of my wedding, and my wife had that blown up to poster size and had both of them sign the photo – or the poster – and she got it framed and it’s hanging in my office – I’m looking at it right now. Verne was so kind as to, well, right here: “I’ve always considered you like my second son.” We – that, and now all of this was before we revived the AWA; worked with Verne and as I say, the second time with the AWA when I worked with him at that point, it started to get sad because that’s when Verne’s Dementia began and a lot of the meetings we had to repeat a lot of stuff. We had to rely on Greg to talk to his dad outside of the meetings to explain stuff to him, and for the 4 years that we did the Classic AWA Wrestling, he slowly went downhill and it got to the point shortly after the sale of the AWA – about a month later – Verne had called me up and just said “You know, Joe, I know the AWA is done, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t talk, that you still can’t call me. I’d still like to stay in touch and have lunch with you every once in a while.” Hey, that was great. Then it was great the second time he said the same thing, and the third and fourth time, and probably even the fifth time in the same 10 minute conversation. It was after that that I had called Greg and just said, and I started experiencing the same thing with my dad at the same time, and Greg and I went through the same thing with our fathers and I just wanted to let Greg be aware of what Verne was doing, and that was calling me and having these memory issues. Just, out of really respect for Verne and Greg and their friends, to make sure that Verne maybe wasn’t doing that to a lot of other people – because, some people, you know, might get coarse with him or not accept or understand what he is going through. That was the last time I actually talked with the Verne Gagne that I knew. The one other conversation I had with him after that, he had no idea who I was. That was the day that Verne Gagne died for me, unfortunately – not when I went to his funeral, but that was the day: when they don’t know who you are and you’re a complete stranger. 

- Joe on his everlasting personal and professional memories and recollections of Verne Gagne