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0:00:00 - Superuniverse Top Ten

  • 10. Bulk Denim
  • 9. The Hangman (Bruce Pobanz)
  • 8. Sue the Shooter
  • 7. Disappointed Lance Russell
  • 6. Santo Gold
  • 5. Hot Bruno
  • 4. Yomamba the Jungle Savage
  • 3. Black Scorpion
  • 2. Denim Fritz
  • 1. Rasslin' Glen Goza
  • STILL CHAMPION - Marc Gullen (def. Orgasmic Larry Nelson)

0:40:37 - Here and There (GODBOLD follow-up; The Superpod Rumble; Jerry Brown shooting up Bill Watts' house)

1:08:55 - Dennis of the Week (w/ Brian Tramel)

1:14:46 - Wild Bull Curry stories

1:22:22 - Bobby Fulton

1:58:42 - Jim Cornette on the passing of Gypsy Joe and the demolishing of Cincinnati Gardens

2:21:12 - THAT'S NOT MY DAD!


That's not my dad!

2:24:58 - Book of the Week

2:35:36 - What If? Follow-Up: Austin Idol as 1984 Hulk Hogan

2:45:55 - Polish Joe Ciupik (Part 3)

Polish Joe: Yeah. First of all, that Jesse Ventura did, indeed, happen. I was editing a show and Verne and Greg walked into the control room with Jesse and it was the one and only time that I ever shook “The Body’s” hand – didn’t have a conversation with him because they were busy talking and I just respected the business part of it and didn’t want to say to him that I grew up hating him as much as I hated Nick Bockwinkel, so I never had THAT pleasure. But, yup – that did indeed happen and I do not blame him. The other person that did it but it was sort of in a reverse mode was Curt Hennig. So – before Curt went to the WWF and became Mr. Perfect, for a year – and this would have started, would have been May of ’87 – he defeated Nick Bockwinkel at the Cow Palace in San Francisco as a part of SuperClash II with the help of a roll of Dimes from Larry Zbyzsko. So – Curt signed a contract with the Gagne’s, and as Curt told me at the time, It was for $120,000 a year - $10,000 a month. Curt and I were out one night having a little fun, and so I asked him: I go “So has Vince contacted you yet?” and he goes “Yeah – they contacted me a few months ago,” and I go “So what the hell are you still doing here?” He goes “Well, I thought about it and I’m still young – I’m gonna have another shot at the WWF. But, Verne’s paying me $10,000 a month to be able to stay at home, to see my wife and kids, and travel-“ I wanna say at the time “working 7 or 8 times a month.” He goes “Signed a one year deal, it’s a guarantee – if he doesn’t pay me, then I can call Vince back up.” Well, the year goes by and Verne didn’t have the money or – in actuality, a very smart business move at the time – to re-sign Curt; he couldn’t afford it. Again, with the personal lawsuit, the money he had already put back into the AWA: he just couldn’t commit to continuing to do that. So – Curt ended up becoming Mr. Perfect. Did Curt get more money at that time? That I don’t know, but, Curt used the WWF as leverage against the AWA to get HIS deal in 1987.

- Joe on the financial downturn of the AWA in the late 1980's and the multitude of wrestlers - Jesse Ventura, Curt Hennig, and even the rumors of Hulk Hogan coming back - trying to use the AWA as leverage to get better deals with the WWF