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0:01:10 - El Pibe 10 '83 Follow-up

Bix: He was apparently okay and wrestled the next week. He ran a stunt school, and became a stuntman...was it me, or were you sort of disappointed he was okay?

0:04:55 - WWE Network Follow-up

0:23:10 - Junkyard Dog - How underrated is he?

TGBL: A lot of that is based post-1985…if you watch 1990 JYD, yeah, that’s rough…first of all, you have to understand he’s not going to have a 60 minute, nor a 20 minute match, and he shouldn’t! JYD should have short matches ending with the THUMP and it worked…I think JYD deserves in the hall of fame. For 5 years he was the biggest guy in the wrestling industry, he was the second biggest draw and face for the WWF behind Hogan, his program with the Freebirds made everyone take notice, drawing 29,000 in the history of the Superdome and of Mid-South, and as an attraction was sent to Mid Atlantic, Georgia, Memphis…

- on dispelling the myth that JYD was an awful, irredeemable worker.

0:39:36 - The Bar Mitzvah

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1:09:32 - Jerry Jarrett on the Jim Cornette Experience

Bix: This has been more formatted than the other two...I refuse to do timestamps.

TGBL: Memphis, while there’s stuff post 89 that I like, I gotta say, I don’t enjoy – I like it so much better when the studio had curtains instead of the black wall with the desk…it looked so much cooler back then. That’s what I don’t like about 90’s Memphis – the studio looks awful.

Bix: Territories and Technology – not a good mix.

TGBL : (laughs) – There’s a good topic!

1:21:55 - Bodyslam: the greatest wrestling movie of all time?

TGBL: They introduce all the luminaries… and all of a sudden Ric Flair is there! (laughs) They introduce Ric Flair and then Sheik Adnan El-Kaissie and Fred Blassie…and then Bruno out of nowhere! Bruno’s working with the WWF at this time and he does what he does  – and it makes me laugh so much – he stands up and does – I don’t know how to describe it – he picks his arms up and do this two handed arm wave thing that he always does (laughs)…Bruno had some kind of date in the movie, yet Ric Flair does not!

- on the cameos during the final act of the movie "Bodyslam."


  • This week's episode was the first to feature a recurring accompaniment to the podcast: the Youtube Playlist, as curated by friend of the show Allan Blackstock.
  • During the Bar Mitzvah story, Bix mentions that he has a distant cousin who came to his Bar Mitzvah named Akeem, leading to the eventual introduction of Akeem Bixenspan as a character in the Superuniverse Top Ten.