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Howard Baum and Stinky (art by Travis Heckel)

Art by Travis Heckel

Howard Baum is a frequent contributor and co-host on the 6:05 Superpodcast, and also portrays the homage to Don Muraco - "The Magnificent One" - in the top ten.


Since the age of sixteen, in 1982, when he was granted ringside access at the famed Miami Beach Convention Center, Howard's photos have appeared in just about every wrestling publication imaginable: Japan's Gong and Weekly Fight, The UK's Powerslam and Fighting Spirit, and major US titles such as PWI, Sports Review Wrestling, Wrestling's Main Event, The O'Hara family of magazines, and many more. In addition, Howard's photos have appeared in countless DVDs, books, programs, websites, posters, ads, and promo photos, as well as the occasional art gallery show.

Howard has also gotten to 'live the dream' in a variety of capacities around the wrestling business: As a promoter with his dad and Tyree Pride, running shows in the US & Bahamas; as well as a brief but spectacular managerial career as “Handsome Howard,” TV host and commentator for both wrestling and MMA, ring announcer, radio host, and now, occasional 6:05 Superpodcast Co-host.

You can find Howard's eye-popping art and photography at Hardway Art.

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