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A legendary wrestling manager and booker, Jim was the first guest on the 6:05 Superpodcast on Episode 4. He has been both a guest and a co-host of the show. His friendship with The Great Brian Last dates back to Smoky Mountain Wrestling Fan Week in 1994. Brian became the co-host of Jim's podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, after Jim made his initial appearance on the Superpodcast.

Jim has become a frequent co-host, and has done several segments for the podcast that involve him watching some classic matches on Youtube while giving running commentary along with TGBL, and another segment known as In The News , where he would narrate an old newspaper clipping from the turn of the 20th century which usually involved some strange stories in the world of kayfabe. Jim also suggested what would eventually become the Dennis of the Week segment, a long-running look at the life and wacky stories of former NWA New Jersey promoter Dennis Coralluzzo.

Follow James from Kentucky's continued foray into the world of wrestling at his website Jimcornette.com, and browse through his numerous authored books, dvds, and wrestling memorabilia. Make sure to also join him and TGBL every week for episodes of The Jim Cornette Experience and Corny's Drive-Thru!


Follow Jim on Twitter : @thejimcornette

Jim's website: Jimcornette.com