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Jim Wilson's Dog was a former Superuniverse Top 10 character based off of the strange rumor surrounding the career of former football player turned wrestler Jim Wilson, and how he claims in his book that Jim Barnett and the Georgia wrestling office had hired someone to kill his dog in the middle of the night as a message to Wilson for his actions in opposing them.


Jim Wilson's Dog was first mentioned in Episode 13 following a discussion with wrestling publicist Scott Teal of Crowbar Press, in which TGBL and Bix opine to each other whether or not Jim Wilson's book CHOKEHOLD was full of factual evidence about his career or not. Bix mentions that although his actual career may have been bullshit - mentioning about how he was promised to win the NWA title and how he claims that Jim Barnett and the Georgia office had killed his dog - that the sources and transcripts used for the various lawsuits against the NWA were quite accurate and factual. After mentioning the claim that the dog was murdered, TGBL let out a hearty laugh and questioned the validity of that story as well.

A focus on the section of the book involving the dog was revisited in Episode 25 during the Book of the Week segment, where CHOKEHOLD was the recommendation. Bix ended up reading an excerpt from the book involving Wilson's accounts of the morning when he found the dog bludgeoned to death underneath his bedroom window after calling for it with no response, which led to some humorous observation between the two on the previously mentioned claims that Jim Barnett personally - or hired someone - to kill his dog as a response to Wilson's act of defiance against the NWA.

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

Total appearances in the Superuniverse Top 10: 0

  • RETIRED - Jim Wilson's Dog was voted out of the Superuniverse Top 10 after losing a Loser Leaves Town Battle Royale following the culmination of Episode 44.