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A frequent co-host on the 6:05 Superpodcast, Kurt originally made a few appearances as a guest before transitioning into a beloved co-host. Kurt began watching wrestling in 1972, religiously watching L.A. Wrestling and Argentina's Titanes En El Ring. Kurt then transferred that love of wrestling into writing when Tom Burke gave him a press pass for Ring Wrestling in 1979. Over the years, Kurt has written for Ring Wrestling and Wrestling World.

Beginning on July 23, 1983 in Bell, California, Kurt wrestled his first match against Surgeon #2, ending in a 10 minute draw. Kurt wrestled throughout the years for various California promotions before taking a leave of absence in 1985. Kurt then began training in lucha style in 1988 at Gil's Gym in East L.A., where he then started wrestling under his most recognizable moniker of Vandal Drummond.

Kurt was also friends with Dr. Jerry Graham after getting to know him in the early 1980's. He has done the Doc's "war cry" on the show, which is now prominently featured in every episode during TGBL's introduction.

Kurt - self admittedly - has had the most aliases in wrestling, which include: Vandal Drummond, Jimmy Cyclone, Lucky Pierre, Dr. Alquima, Caveman Wellington, The Abortionist, Telly Evangelist, The HIV Kid, The Squeaker, RUR 2000, El Roboto Sattva, Yom Rippur, Rocking Jerry Brown, El Paparazzi, and Donkey Show Dominguez.