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Magic Jordan was a former Superuniverse Top 10 character, created from a stumbling description by Bix about a wrestling hotline and unknowingly combined famous basketball players Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan together to form Magic Jordan.


At the end of Episode 22 during the end-of-show plugs, Bix was plugging an upcoming episode of his podcast Between the Sheets which focused on a funny segment about wrestling hotlines in the 1990's, and had an interesting lead-in which jumped off of the recent "Homophobia of the Week" segments that TGBL and Bix were doing on the show following some questionable segments in wrestling history regarding homophobia. Bix starts to explain the Superstar Hotline tease from WCW where Jim Ross teased that the listeners would find out what Davey Boy Smith and Magic Johnson would have in common aside from being professional athletes - which confused the guys as if it was implied that Davey Boy potentially had AIDS like Magic Johnson did - when Bix flubbed his speech and said Magic Jordan instead of Magic Johnson. TGBL and Bix started laughing about the faux-pas, and TGBL started grilling Bix about potentially knowing very little about basketball, to which Bix replies he knew about Patrick Ewing.

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

Total appearances in the Superuniverse Top 10: 0