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605 Mike Mills (art by Travis Heckel)

Art by Travis Heckel

Mike Mills is a frequent contributor and co-host on the 6:05 Superpodcast, also known for his involvement in wrestling, alongside his stellar work on his wrestling podcast "Booking the Territory."


Mike has been a wrestling fan for most of his life. He became a fan of pro wrestling in 1981 when he discovered Cowboy Bill Watts' Mid South wrestling. His favorite pro wrestler growing up was the Junkyard Dog. During much of the early 90s, Mike fell out of love with wrestling, but did get reeled back in during the Monday Night Wars of the mid to late-90s. While Mike does try to stay in touch with the current product, Mike spends most of his time these days watching classic wrestling such as Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the old NWA WCW 6:05pm EST shows, Mid-South, and World Class Championship Wrestling.

Mike spends 3-4 hours per week discussing the territories and the promotions above on his classic wrestling podcast called "Booking The Territory." On the Booking The Territory podcast, Mike, Doc, and Hardbody Harper disect and discuss all of the great angles from the past as they go through SMW, WCCW, and the NWA weekly. Mike has also appeared a couple of times on the 6:05 Superpodcast and Mike made an appearance on The Jim Cornette Experience with The Great Brian Last and Jim Cornette where they discusssed in details the first year of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.


Feel free to contact Mike anytime on Twitter @Mike504Saints and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BookingTheTerritory. You can also check out exclusive audio and video clips at the Booking the Territory Youtube page.



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