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Nature Goy

Artwork by Travis Heckel

"The Nature Goy" Ric Flair is a current 6:05 Superuniverse character, originally created from a conversation between TGBL and Bix regarding the realization of Ric Flair's first wife being a member of the tribe, with humorous riffing about Flair taking part in various events surrounding Judaism, such as going to temple wearing a Yarmulke, or participating in his first Passover Seder in full Nature Boy promo bravado.


"I AM the Knish stealin', - OY!!!! - bargain dealin', Uber ridin', Menorah lightin' sonofa mensch; who wants to come take a ride on the Kosher Coaster?"

The Nature Goy lit his first Menorah candle during Episode 32 when the Black Scorpion was torturing Bix with some readings from the Torah, as the past few episodes had seen Black Scorpion reveal to Bix that he was of the Jewish faith, and would pester Bix about certain Jewish delicacies while ominously reading passages to an unphased Bix. Black Scorpion mentions that Ric Flair had played "him" in WCW, but mentions that he was Goyim, leading to Black Scorpion dub Flair as "The Nature Goy." Following this, the two humorously bantered on whether or not the phrase 'Goyim' was ever uttered on wrestling television, with the two surmising that if anyone, it would probably have been Paul Heyman to utter the phrase.

During the following episode's - Episode 33 - briefing of The Nature Goy in the Superuniverse Top 10, TGBL and Bix mention that Flair's first wife was of the Jewish faith, leading the two to riff on whether or not Flair had ever been to a Passover Seder, to wear a Yarmulke, and be able to chug copious amounts of Manashevitz wine, to which TGBL remarked that "his life would have been so different" if he did - given the propensity for a higher alcoholic inebriation from the supple wine.

Lastly, during Episode 35, a passage was mentioned in Ric Flair's WWE produced autobiography about Flair's first wife - Leslie Goodman - and her roots of Judaism. Flair writes : "she had wanted me to convert to Judaism for the sake of her grandparents, but when I went to one of the religious classes and they started speaking Hebrew, I balked...I didn't want to sit through that stuff week to week." Although Flair didn't totally convert, the Nature Goy's reputation in the 6:05 lives on.

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

First appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 33 (#5)

Last appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 41 (#8)

Total appearances: 5 (Episodes 33, 35, 37-38, 41)