Orgasmic Larry Nelson

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Art by Travis Heckel

Orgasmic Larry Nelson is a show character based on real life AWA announcer Larry Nelson.


His rise to prominence in the 6:05 Superuniverse was based off an interview in the AWA with wrestler Derrick Dukes, when upon describing the stipulation for an upcoming match between Dukes and Col. DeBeers where the loser gets painted the opposite of their skin color, Larry Nelson groans with glee when Dukes wishes to paint DeBeers black if he wins the match.

Nelson's orgasmic cry has taken on many interpretations within the Superuniverse, ranging from "hnnnngggghhhieeeeeeeeeee" and so forth.

Aside from his Orgasmic war cry, Larry Nelson was also subject to parody due to his exaggerated facial expressions and his drawn out phrasing and bombastic enunciation of details happening in front of him during his interviews. Examples of this range from falling off a chair screaming "MEDIC!!!", alongside screaming into Baron Von Raschke's ear with a sharp "LOOK OUT, BARON VON RASCHKE!" midway during a board strike on the Baron's head, who is standing right next to him.



"What's the stipulation...?"


"Are we having fun, people?!"



"He didn't blink, he didn't fall, he didn't nothin'!"


First appearance in the Top 10: Episode 20 (#1)

Current appearance in the Top 10: Episode 82 (#7)

*Title Reigns as Superuniverse Top 10 Champion: 2

  1. Def. Marc Gullen (ending his record 9 week long reign) - Episode 35

    Defended against Nature Goy Ric Flair - Episode 36

    Lost title to Marc Gullen - Episode 37
2. Def. Disappointed Lance Russell - Episode 46
   Lost the title to the Paper Bag Assassin - Episode 47

Orgasmic Larry Nelson
Orgasmic Larry Nelson
Orgasmic Larry Nelson - OH JEEZ OH CRIMINEY
"Oh Jeez Oh Criminey! LOOK OUT, BARON VON RASCHKE!" Orgasmic Larry Nelson - OH JEEZ OH CRIMINEY
"MEDIC! WE'LL BE BACK!" - AWA Championship Wrestling: July 1, 1986. MEDIC!
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