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Sheila the Shooter is a current Superuniverse Top 10 character who is the fictional younger sister of esteemed luminary Sue the Shooter , whose detailed stories of rattingdom with herself, Sue, and older cousin Shirley rotating in a Freebird Rule scenario provide the listeners with a mixture of humor and uneasiness. Sheila is voiced and created by long-standing rotating co-host and show contributor Scott Cornish .


Hijacking into the 6:05 recording session between TGBL and Scott Cornish, Sheila the Shooter was introduced during the Top 10 recap of her older sister - Sue the Shooter - during Episode 37. Sheila mentioned to Brian - Scott's phone connection mysteriously got cut during the process - that she considered Gordon Solie her lover, akin to her sister Sue taking solace within the arms of Moondog Spot Larry Latham. Sheila then went on to throw vibes towards Bix by mentioning that she sent him "all her affidavits" and wanting to curl up in the arms of the recently departed full-time co-host. Sheila continued to make sporadic appearances during her sister Sue's discussions in the Top 10, until it was revealed in Episode 56 from trusted source Scott Cornish that Sheila was "on tour" with the recently excommunicated Impressionist Jim Ross.

Sheila was formally given the spotlight during her only Superuniverse Top 10 appearance during Episode 66, where she stated that she had a vice-like grip with her "Sugar Walls" technique, alongside claiming to have double-tendons like Danny Hodge. Sheila also stated that her first love in the wrestling business was Bulldog Brouwer, and that he "fucked like Tim Horner wrestles," which doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

Total appearances in the Superuniverse Top 10: 1 (Episode 66 - #10)