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The Superpodcast Loser Leaves Town Battle Royale was the first ever major culling of the Superuniverse Top 10 of the first wave of characters from the inception of the show until Episode 44.


On September 22, 2016, TGBL put up a post on the 6:05 Superpodcast show Facebook page for fans to vote on 1 winner in the Battle Royale, with all other losing votes being cast off from the Superpodcast Top 10. These were characters who had been inactive for a long period in the Superuniverse Top 10, or who had disappeared from the listener consciousness over that period of inactivity.

The voting breakdown goes as follows:

Hobo Brazil - 6 Votes

Wee Willie Wilson - 7 Votes

Tiny URL Hebner - 4 Votes

Bulk Denim - 9 Votes

The Great Antonio - 3 Votes

Dark Journey's Dog - 5 Votes

Jim Wilson's Dog - 1 Vote

Oahu McDaniel - 1 Vote

The Patriot - 4 Votes

Magic Jordan - 2 Votes

Rock 'n' Roll Roy Toy - 5 Votes

Akeem Bixenspan - 44 Votes

Eye of Gibson - 33 Votes

Hillbilly Jim Brunzell - 17 Votes

Papucho - 0 Votes

Sex Appeal Ronnie Steal - 5 Votes

Demolition Hux & Blast - 3 Votes

"The 35 Year Old Kid" Dave Baumcratz - 9 Votes

1 Spoiled Vote (for Magnum TA!)

// TOTAL VOTES: 158 (+ 1 spoiled)


After the conclusion of the original post on September 26, many of the voters were outraged about Akeem Bixenspan winning, as many people felt that the Eye of Gibson (who's parody account on Twitter was much more in the public eye and did more to promote the show) should have won.

A second Loser Leaves Town match was posted on October 1st and ended October 3rd, with the Eye of Gibson losing against Akeem Bixenspan by only 1 vote.

Although the vote was in his favor, Akeem Bixenspan eventually was phased out of the Top 10 voting with the other participants from the Battle Royale.