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The Slip House Boys are a current Superuniverse Top 10 character, based off of a humorous story regarding TGBL's dad watching ESPN Classics wrestling late one night and claiming that he saw a team known as "Son and Fun - The Slip House Boys," in which the phrasing "Slip House" has been baffling and quizzical to hosts and listeners alike of the Superpodcast.


In Episode 15, TGBL was mentioning to Bix that he had recently talked to his father - who is known for writing off wrestling as "fake" - and that he was watching some Global Wrestling Federation on ESPN Classics. Brian opined that he probably was "drinking some wine" and left the TV on, to which his dad told him that he saw a match that would eventually live on in show lore: he saw Scott Putski and some guy named "luscious Gary" - actually "Gorgeous" Gary Young - in a tag team match against "Son and Fun - The Slip House Boys." After laughing about how the name "Slip House" could have been created, TGBL and Bix deduced that although they've never heard of "Son (or Sun) and Fun," there were some possible culprits from early 1992 when this match potentially took place. There was no literal stringing together of any words "Slip" "House" or "Boys" in the same sentence or overall in the match, which begs the question on how the elder TGBL even thought he heard that.

Episode 19 had some theorizing about the identity of the pair. A show listener - Jason D'Agostino - posted some newspaper clipping results on the Facebook page which showed several people working against Putski and "Gorgeous" Gary Young, which included: Steven Dane & The Viper, John Tatum & Rod Price (The California Connection), and Alex Porteau and Shane Summers (The Beach Bullies), who had a picture of them holding Super Soakers. With this information, Bix thought that The Beach Bullies were the identity, while TGBL thinks that it was The California Connection.

A final break in the case was discovered in Episode 21, when TGBL mentioned that he talked to his dad again on the phone and tried to stimulate his memory about the match, to which his dad said that Putski had won the titles in the match. After some research, it was shown that the match in particular was from Global 1992 where Scott Putski and Terry Garvin Simms (subbing for Gary Young) won the tag team titles from John Tatum and Rod Price, meaning that the California Connection were the heir apparent to the title of The Slip House Boys.


First appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 19 (#1)

Last appearance in the Superuniverse Top 10: Episode 40 (#7)

Total appearances: 10 (Episodes 19-25, 38-40)

  • Note - The Slip House Boys were the 1st ever Superuniverse Top 10 champions, won in Episode 20 by way of a tournament in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.