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Tiny URL Hebner was a former Superuniverse Top 10 character based off of a misreading of URL (U-R-L) as "Earl" by guest host Jim Cornette during the show plugs, and humorously opining that it should be Tiny URL Hebner instead of "Baby" Earl, as he was known during his referee career being the younger brother of Dave Hebner.


The concept of TinyURL - developed web developer Kevin Gilbertson in 2002 - dates back to the beginning of the show as a quicker and more efficient way to link to various websites for the 6:05, instead of constantly plugging elongated web addresses during the show plugs for the Amazon profile partnered with the show.

On Episode 26 during the show plugs by Bix, guest host Jim Cornette bursts out laughing and confesses that he never knew how to properly pronounce it, always thinking it was said as "Tin Yerl", combining the Y with the URL and creating an "earl" sound. After laughing about it, Bix continues with the plugs, to which Jim opines that they should now call "Baby" Earl as Tiny URL (said as Earl) Hebner.

The following week on Episode 27 during the show notes, TGBL mentions that a few candidates should be possibly added to the Top 10 as write-ins, and mentions some listeners chiming in that Tiny URL Hebner should be included. He posed the question to Bix, and Bix agreed, placing Tiny URL Hebner on the list for Superuniverse Top 10 candidates moving forward.

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

Total appearances in the Superuniverse Top 10: 1 (Episode 28 - #6)

  • RETIRED - Tiny URL Hebner was voted out of the Superuniverse Top 10 after losing a Loser Leaves Town Battle Royale following the culmination of Episode 44.