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Wee Willie Wilson (from Florida) - March 12 2016

Wee Willie Wilson was a former Superuniverse Top 10 character based off of the former little person wrestler of the same name, which was revealed by Sue the Shooter as being strange in his "sexual ways" alongside being very "well-hung."


With regards to their popularity and influence in the Superuniverse, Wee Willie Wilson and Sue the Shooter go hand in hand as they both skyrocketed to the tip of the listeners' hearts and imaginations.

Wee Willie Wilson was mentioned in the reading of Confessions of a Ring Rat by Dann Lennard during Episode 16 by TGBL and Bix, with the guys breaking up when it came to Sue's love of midgets, with her first being Lord Littlebrook. With regards to Wee Willie Wilson, Sue Chuter - the real life Sue - mentions that he was "strange in his sexual ways" and believed firmly in anal sex - he was from Florida, and very well hung. Upon finding photographs of Wee Willie Wilson, the picture above speaks for itself.

The main element of the bit with Sue the Shooter - portrayed by TGBL - is her resounding admiration for "Wee Willie Wilson - from Florida!" and his gargantuan machine. In Episode 25, show listener - and resident artist - Travis Heckel tweeted a link to TGBL and Bix with regards to a Poffo ICW taping in which a challenger with a sheet over himself is standing in the middle of the ring, and is insinuated that it's a challenger from Memphis wrestling: a frequent braggadocious challenge laid down by Randy Savage. Once the sheet comes off, the guys notice that it's a little person on the shoulders of Ronnie Garvin, and that he has "Wee Willie" on the back of his trunks. Upon a brief discussion of whether or not it's THE Wee Willie, Bix proclaims that it has to be because "his name is Wee Willie but he definitely doesn't have one," remarking that he observed the little person's "area" and noticed some bulging, with TGBL laughing and excitedly teasing Bix that he's "acting like he's (Willie) Robert Fuller!"

Facts / Miscellaneous[]

Total appearances in the Superuniverse Top 10: 1 (Episode 21 - #9)

  • RETIRED - Wee Willie Wilson was voted out of the Superuniverse Top 10 after losing a Loser Leaves Town Battle Royale following the culmination of Episode 44.