6:05 Superpodcast Wiki

The "What If...?" segment is a segment on the Superpodcast where TGBL and Bix go over various "What If" segments involving high-end scenarios in the wrestling industry. Such examples include opining about the ramifications of Mid-South Wrestling getting JCP's time slot on TBS as originally planned, if Hulk Hogan hadn't left the AWA in early 1984, and many more divisive and interesting topics. 

Episodes (with TGBL and Bix unless otherwise noted)[]

Episode 13 -  ...Roddy Piper took Gary Hart's offer to go to World Class in 1982?

Episode 15 - ...Shawn Michaels went to WCW in 1993?                  

...The Bruise Brothers went to Mid-South as scheduled in early 1984? (with Jim Cornette)

Episode 16 - ...The Von Erichs feuded with the Russians who ruined their Olympic hopes?

Episode 18 - ...Ted Turner had originally gone through with financing Mid-South nationally in 1985?

Episode 23 - ...ESPN chose another wrestling promotion for their time slot instead of the AWA in 1985?

Episode 30 - ...Hulk Hogan hadn't left the AWA?

Episode 33 - ...Listener Questions

Episode 34 - ...Listener Questions

Episode 35 - ...Listener Questions (What if...Harley Race had ended up skipping Starrcade 1983?)

Episode 36 - ...on Terry Funk, Roddy Piper, World Class, and more

Episode 78 - ...Listener Questions (Paul Heyman, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, and more)

Episode 81 - ...Listener Questions (Gino Hernandez, Antonio Inoki, Continental, and more)